Fleet Number: U03121
Year: 2019
Hours: 1983 (Correct as of: 31/08/2023)


Fleet Number: U02201
Year: 2018
Hours: 2690 (Correct as of: 31/08/2023)


Fleet Number: U00398
Year: 2019
Hours: 2721 (Correct as of 31/08/23)


Year: 2022
Hours: New unused - minimal hours


Fleet Number: U00439
Year: 2021
Hours: 1333 (correct as of 31/08/23)


Fleet Number: U09080
Year: 2017
Hours: 3226 (correct as of 31/08/23)


We have many used tracked excavators for sale at BuyADigger. So, there is plenty of choice. Thinking of purchasing a Komatsu or LiuGong digger, mainly a tracked excavator? Then it’s important to determine the type of work the machine will be undertaking. A tracked excavator differs from a typical excavator. This is due to the added tracking system instead of wheels on most diggers. 

What Tracks Do I Need?

Here at BuyADigger, we do offer the option of either Steel Tracks or Roadliner Pads. The benefits of using Steel Tracks grants the operator with more grip when navigating on uneven terrain and grassy surfaces.

On the other hand, if you were to purchase an excavator with Roadliner pads, these machines are perfect for projects that are used for utility works, especially in urban areas. The roadliner pads prevent any damage to pathways and drainage systems.

So, is a tracked excavator the right choice for you? Visit our blog where we discuss the benefits of choosing a tracked excavator

BuyADigger Benefits

Looking for used Tracked Excavators excavators? You have come to the right place. BuyADigger have various second hand Komatsu and Liugong tracked excavators for sale to suit your requirements. 

Our machines come complete with a warranty, giving our buyers complete peace of mind. BuyADigger machines have only had one previous owner, either H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd or Diggerland. As such, they all come complete with a manufacturer’s service history. BuyADigger machines also come with very low hours on the clock. 

Buyers are more than welcome to visit the BuyADigger machines in person. Our friendly sales team will be more than happy to show you around. However, if you would prefer images and videos to be sent to you, that is no problem at all. 

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